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01/31/10 Gulf Shores West Beach

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Got out and fished a little this evening. Fished the incoming high tide from about 4:30 to 7:00, water temp around 58-59. Surprisingly they were biting pretty good tonight caught 5 fish total ( 4 whiting, 1 white trout) and missed a couple quick jerks. Point being there's fish in the surf again! :headbang: Also, some sand flea's around if you look for em'. Enjoyed the pretty sunset. Can't wait til it finally picks up a little more! Anyways thats all I got. Just kept a couple of the whiting but might hit the pier in the morning for some more of the whiting. Til next time!



Here's a few pics:

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Wow!those pics are nice!Man I love the Gulf of Mexico!!!
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