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  1. Blue Water Reports
    We filmed the episode "Ladies Lets Go Fishing" this weekend aboard the Galati demo Viking 50. Wow, what a weekend it was. First, the show was filmed by Jeff Lawrence from Your Outdoor Show and involved taking 5 Galati customers (ladies only) fishing aboard the new 2013 Viking 50 Convertible...
  2. Out Of Area
    Hi all we would like to introduce are self to the forum,We are Reggie & Iris owners of Panama Blueturtle Spearfishing & Economy Fishing,glad to be in your forum.Fish;YellowFin Tuna,Amberjack,Wahoo,Grouper,Dorado,Cubera Snapper,Roosterfish,Sierra Mackerel,and more.Thank You
  3. Blue Water Reports
    Enjoying a little mini-vacation here in Orange Beach with Auburn on the tv and my homework on the table in front of me. Got a little distracted and made a short video from the past couple of days. Nothing special, just bread and butter tuna slaying. Got tons of good stuff coming in the next few...
  4. Blue Water Reports
    Been awfully busy down here in Venice. Summer has come early, not only with the air temperatures, but also the water conditions. We have been experiencing mostly calm weather days, with summertime live baits (tinker mackerels) and summertime tuna. We have also been seeing a ridiculous amount of...
  5. Blue Water Reports
    Hey guys, here is our latest video featuring some of the outstanding fishing we have been experiencing lately. Some fun tuna and wahoo fishing in this one. Hope yall enjoy it. EDIT: sound fixed.
  6. Blue Water Reports
    Saturday, February 12th marked our first trip offshore (charter, anyhow) since the oil spill. It's hard to convey what was going through my head as we headed offshore that first day. We were very anxious to see what the gulf had in store for us, as this was the prime time for big (180-200+...
  7. Blue Water Reports
    Blue water is in super close right now, and the fishing continues to be awesome. Enjoy this little tidbit. Still learning this program so excuse the amateurism. Music by Chevelle
  8. Blue Water Reports
    threw this together real quick from the little bit of footage i was able to get yesterday. hope yall like it.
1-8 of 8 Results