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  1. Boats and Boat Parts For Sale
    Group: Am looking to purchase an offshore boat . . . please, please, please don't be offended but, in order to avoid unwanted responses, I have a good idea of what I would like. I CLEARLY understand people have different tastes and requirements for boats, power, electronics, models, etc. . ...
  2. Boats and Boat Parts For Sale
    I have recently sold my previous boat and am in the market for a good, used offshore boat. No offense to anyone here but, I'm in the market for particular models and power. Universal requirments: Yamaha power - prefer 4 strokes but might consider HPDIs under special circumstances. No...
  3. Kayaks for Sale
    Just bought a new pompano 120 and ready to start fishing but I have absolutely nothing else. I need to get all the basics for a trip out in the Gulf. Looking for either a grappling or mushroom anchor with at least 70 ft of rope, a basic seat, a decent paddle, life preserver and whistle, and any...
1-3 of 8 Results