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  1. Sinker Cypress Gator

    Various Items For Sale.
    A really cool piece, gator made of sinker cypress. the wood is really old. $85.00
  2. Lion Fish

    Various Items For Sale.
    handmade Lion fish. this piece is made of Sycamore and measures 26" L x 10" H stand off is 7.5" $175.00
  3. Black Tip shark

    Various Items For Sale.
    Black Tip sharks, handmade from Sinker Cypress. 39.5" L x 18" H Stands off wall 7" $500.00
  4. DIY Lumber / materials source

    Networking Forum
    I'm new to the Eglin area and am a big DIY person. I've got plans for some wood furniture and am looking for the best place to get good wood and other building materials. I found a particular place that had all kinds of cools stuff a few months ago while looking online, but now that I'm here I...
  5. Escambia/Blackwater Duck Hunting

    Hunting Forum
    First time duck hunting in Florida, I have experience duck hunting. Was wondering if Blackwater or Escambia river is better for hunting ducks? I've been told the wood ducks are more populated in Blackwater. Anything could help thanks. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: