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  1. Piers and Bridges - General Q & A
    I am about to re-spool my reels for fishing off the piers in and around Pensacola. We are coming down for a week and have friends with us who have never caught a fish. I really want them to have a good time. What line should I use for both light and med. reels? I am looking for weight and type...
  2. Fresh and Brackish - General Q & A
    Where can I find the flat style weights that I see on most Flathead rigs? All we seem to have in Tallahassee stores including our west marine are egg sinkers and triagle weights....they work but I keep noticing the flat weights as the weight of choice. Thanks everyone
  3. General Discussion
    I am getting ready to purchase a Pursuit 3070 offshore with twin 250 ox66's with bottom paint. I have a 13,000 pound lift. I have researched and think the boat fully loaded and ready to fish maybe about 13,000 pounds or just over. My question (which may answer itself) is does 13,000 pounds...
1-3 of 3 Results