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  1. Wanted: GPS/Fish Finder and iPilot for Inshore/Nearshore

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    I have a 17.5 ft sea chaser and need to upgrade the electronics on it. Does anyone recommend a model for inshore/nearshore fishing? If so is there one for sale used out there. Also looking for an iPilot system and recommendations for that. Thanks
  2. wanted: boat trailer 14'

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    Looking for a trailer for my 14' boat. The old trailer is rusted out and had to be rigged up just to get it back home. A galvanized trailer would be preferable. I may end up going to the boattrailer place if I can't find anything else, but would rather get something used since this isn't...
  3. mercruiser

    Various Items For Sale.
    Does anybody know where I can get an 170 or 270 mercruiser for my boat. Had a 170 in it when it was given to me but the engine head was cracked.
  4. WTB Light action casting/spinning rods

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    Don't have to be pretty, and i don't want top of the line stuff just light to medium action 6-7 ft rods for spinning or conventional reels. $25 max per rod. Using them for catchin bait mostly. thanks.