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  1. Fishing Gear For Sale
    Shimano Tiagra 80W on Star Bent Butt Rod for Sale $700.00, in good shape. 850-982-4440
  2. Fishing Gear For Sale
    I have 4 brand new, handmade high speed trolling wahoo lures for sale. $49 each. These are 5oz heads and measure 10" skirted. I have the three colors shown below (red/purple, purple/red, brown/orange/pink, and blue/pink). But I can make these to order with whatever colors you prefer. You can...
  3. Blue Water Reports
    May 30th, 2020 - Picked up a couple mahi and a 97# wahoo a few miles north of the dumping grounds.
  4. Various Items For Sale.
    Wahoo, this one is made of driftwood. $150.00
  5. Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    I’m getting ready to pour some trolling lure heads that I’ve shaped on a lathe and molded. I’ve been using Alumilites Water Clear, and curing in a pressure pot to prevent air bubbles. The main focus on these first few heads will be Wahoo; therefore, they’ll need to be able to handle some hard...
  6. Blue Water Fishing - General Q & A
    Does anyone have any reports for the squiggles area? Thinking about heading out there Saturday.
  7. Blue Water Reports
    Does anyone know what the madison swansons are looking like right now? Was trying to plan a trolling trip that way.
  8. Blue Water Fishing - General Q & A
    I've got a 21' Contender with a 200hpdi on it and 90gal of fuel. Best I can figure i'm getting about 2miles to the gal. I would love to do some blue water trolling and like to get on some wahoos mainly but would take any blue water fish. I can do bout 50miles straight outta p-cola pass no...
  9. General Discussion
    I live in Panama City and just bought a new Sea Hunt Gamefish 25. I am wondering what there is to troll for right now and where to go?
  10. Out Of Area
    Hi all we would like to introduce are self to the forum,We are Reggie & Iris owners of Panama Blueturtle Spearfishing & Economy Fishing,glad to be in your forum.Fish;YellowFin Tuna,Amberjack,Wahoo,Grouper,Dorado,Cubera Snapper,Roosterfish,Sierra Mackerel,and more.Thank You
  11. Offshore Reports
    Quick report from Destin this past Thursday. A friend of mine came in from Tallahassee and we trolled dusters and cigs out of the pass around 7am. Before we were 5 miles out we lost 1 king, had one in the boat, hooked up again and it was fighting harder this time, my buddy hooked up too, when...
  12. Offshore Reports
    First offshore trip of the season for me, and man it was a good one. Me and 5 friends meet up with Capt. Jamie Grimmer down in Ft. Walton for a bachelor party / fishing trip on Thursday night. We fueled up, iced up, and baited up Friday morning and headed to the timber holes to get some bigger...
  13. Blue Water Fishing - General Q & A
    Hey my friend just got a new boat couple weeks ago, and we are wanting to go to spur to troll for wahoo, mahi, and tuna. But we don't won't to waste all that gas and only catch 2-3 fish. Im only use to catching snapper and other close in bottom fish. And never go towards the spur so what can(and...
  14. Blue Water Fishing - General Q & A
    I have caught my fair share of Wahoo in the summer around the edge and nipple, but I was wondering if anyone has tried trolling FEB/March with any success for Tuna/Wahoo. I know the rigs are probably the best place to be, but with the mild winter and water temps close to 70 offshore, would it be...
  15. Blue Water Reports
    Team My Share aboard the 32 Regulator from Destin came to Orange Beach to fish in the MBGFC small boat tournament. The Mobile Big Game Club put on wonderful tournament and this was no exception. The club house, the people, the format, the weigh-in - are all first class and friendly. Thanks for...
  16. General Discussion
    Going out this weekend but with gag and red snapper closed, bottom fishing may suck because of throwing everything back. Anyone have any info about trolling the 29 edge? How does the water look?
  17. Blue Water Reports
    Been awfully busy down here in Venice. Summer has come early, not only with the air temperatures, but also the water conditions. We have been experiencing mostly calm weather days, with summertime live baits (tinker mackerels) and summertime tuna. We have also been seeing a ridiculous amount of...
  18. Blue Water Reports
    Hey guys, here is our latest video featuring some of the outstanding fishing we have been experiencing lately. Some fun tuna and wahoo fishing in this one. Hope yall enjoy it. EDIT: sound fixed.
  19. Blue Water Reports
    Saturday, February 12th marked our first trip offshore (charter, anyhow) since the oil spill. It's hard to convey what was going through my head as we headed offshore that first day. We were very anxious to see what the gulf had in store for us, as this was the prime time for big (180-200+...
  20. Blue Water Reports
    Fished the Gulfstream out of Topsail again this week on Taylor's boat out around the Swansboro Hole. High Speed trolling all day produced 2 wahoos (one released), 3 Blackfin Tuna, 2 big Skipjack Tuna, and 2 Mahi. Awesome underwater video footage of a tuna! Captain Scott Erickson
1-20 of 21 Results