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  1. Offshore Reports
    Venice Offshore Yellowfin Tuna fishing continues to be world class. Not only does the size of these Yellow Fin Tuna make me say world class, but the distance to these fish is less than 30 miles from Venice Marina. Combined with the very cool visual way we target these fish makes the experience a...
  2. Offshore Reports
    If you are not a "Serious" angler and you have not traveled the world over fishing; you may be asking the question, if Venice is so great - why am I just now hearing about it? ANSWER: There is nothing here... no tourism, no chain retailers, and since the storm (you know the one) the closest...
  3. Blue Water Reports
    Rip line continues to produce! Green water has invaded most of our waters but fishing rip lines all day instead of live baiting tuna isn't a bad consolation prize, as you can see. Also, here is a link to our latest video:
  4. Blue Water Reports
    Been awfully busy down here in Venice. Summer has come early, not only with the air temperatures, but also the water conditions. We have been experiencing mostly calm weather days, with summertime live baits (tinker mackerels) and summertime tuna. We have also been seeing a ridiculous amount of...
  5. Blue Water Reports
    Saturday, February 12th marked our first trip offshore (charter, anyhow) since the oil spill. It's hard to convey what was going through my head as we headed offshore that first day. We were very anxious to see what the gulf had in store for us, as this was the prime time for big (180-200+...
1-5 of 5 Results