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  1. Out Of Area
    The weather out in Venice, LA has been inconsistent, but the fishing is still great on our days out when the weather is in our favor. Our Red Snapper bite is on fire. The bigger snapper are mostly caught on live Menhadden and Herring. Sometimes they will come off of dead bait as well. Most...
  2. Out Of Area
    Well where do I start? If you're reading this you've probably been keeping up with what’s going on in Venice, Louisiana, and you know the fishing has been “off the hook” if you will this late winter coming into early spring. It is mind blowing to think there has literally been hundreds of...
  3. Out Of Area
    Well I usually start my reports complaining about the weather, however this winter coming into spring has been pretty cooperative. I have been able to get out for most of my trips and have had very few cancellations due to weather. I fished last weekend, Feb. 28th and March 1st with some decent...
1-3 of 3 Results