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  1. Cheap, Submersible 900 Lumen LED.

    Flounder Gigging
    Ok, most people agree that HPS is the way to go for gigging, but if your boat is too small or you don't have money for a generator like me, these might help. I haven't fully tested them yet because I'm workin on the boat. But it shines bright from the dock. I am about to order 4 more and mount...
  2. Flounder Gigging Lights

    Flounder Gigging
    Who has the best flounder gigging lights for gigging on foot? I don't want something too big (no 12 volt battery and bucket you have to drag). I need something compact and handheld. I have seen several on ebay but want to get some input. LED Adventures has a light but it's over $200...
  3. Pensacola Reef from the water

    General Scuba Chat
    Went out there today to look for some Spanish. Didn't see any, but am I wrong or are these small AJs?:confused1: Weird to see them in so close to shore. I also saw a few Bluefish swimming around. The viz was not good at all maybe 12feet and very murky. The video is a lot clearer on my PC. I'm...