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  1. General Discussion
    hey guys back again with another video! This time country got himself a blackfin tuna out of his canoe a mile or so from shore trolling a hard bait lure!
  2. Offshore Reports From Out Of The Area
  3. General Discussion
    Charter available - boat is booked 7/25 6 or 8 hr Hey guys, I have the Lady Em Chartered for 7/25 (Monday ) for noon departure - 6 to 8 hours. boat is a 60' LOA w/ 20' beam. I have space for up to 6 more (boat holds 14 max). Cost will be between $200 and $250 pp depending on number that go...
  4. Blue Water Fishing - General Q & A
    I just bought a new 25' CC with twin F150 outboards and plan to head out to the edge/ nipple area this weekend. I plan to troll a couple of stretches and maybe ballyhoos (if I can find them rigged up at the tackle shop), maybe drift live bait (sigs, pen fish, hard tails, or LYs) and would like...
  5. Kayaking Reports
    Still didn't find any... but I must be doing something right! Launched out of Henderson State Park at 0645. Surf was a little big, but very clean and easy to time going through the breakers. North winds helped a lot. Barely found a few cigar minnows out around 30' then pushed out to deeper...
  6. Blue Water Reports
    First time poster here, so go easy. I decided to throw the Reel Experience on the trailer and head out to orange beach for the second rig trip this year. Accompanied by the Barnhill brothers from Robertsdale AL, we got launched around 6pm Friday night. It was smooth sailing out to the...
  7. Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    Hey guys I was wondering if any one would like to go kayak fishing in the gulf between July 15-23? I have all my supplies and you must supply your own. I usually go kayak fishing by my self but I would like some company and some help if anything goes bad. Message me if you are interested.
  8. Out Of Area
    After a cancelation for Saterday and Sunday due to weather changing hour to hour, I picked up a last minute 3 day trip. The weather guessers forcasted rough seas, but were wrong again! Friday with a group of 6, I headed out at daylight. Our first stop was at a close in rig to catch hardtails for...
  9. General Discussion
    Good friend of mine put together this video and I thought some of y'all would enjoy..
  10. Blue Water Reports
    Last Thursday I was invited on a 3 day offshore trip. The owner and crew were gracious enough to let me load their boat with Everol reels to put it through the paces. We had to return after one day....the fish box was so full not one more fish could be stuffed inside. A dozen blackfin, 14...
  11. Blue Water Fishing - General Q & A
    I have caught my fair share of Wahoo in the summer around the edge and nipple, but I was wondering if anyone has tried trolling FEB/March with any success for Tuna/Wahoo. I know the rigs are probably the best place to be, but with the mild winter and water temps close to 70 offshore, would it be...
  12. Offshore Reports
    Venice Offshore Yellowfin Tuna fishing continues to be world class. Not only does the size of these Yellow Fin Tuna make me say world class, but the distance to these fish is less than 30 miles from Venice Marina. Combined with the very cool visual way we target these fish makes the experience a...
  13. General Discussion
    I am looking at a trip to the oil rigs this week but have heard the water condition is poor. Has anyone been to the rigs in the last few days? If so, how was the water and fishing
  14. Fishing Gear For Sale
    Sold Sold Thanks Ryan Thank you PFF
  15. Offshore Reports
    It was another great trip on the gulf. We headed out to the edge to catch some kings and a hoo. Rudy wanted to get some kings before he headed back to Texas. The kings were so thick at times the bait could just hit the water and instant hook up. we filled up the cooler quick. went for a troll...
  16. Need A Crew? Need A Ride?
    Hello, My name is Phil Loori, 17, I am a deckhand on party fishing boats in Belmar, NJ. I tuna fish offshore when ever I can. I love being offshore and catching marlin and tunas. I am pretty proficient in the pit, although I'm not a pro with 30 yrs experience but can handle trolling and getting...
  17. Blue Water Reports
    Fished the Gulfstream out of Topsail again this week on Taylor's boat out around the Swansboro Hole. High Speed trolling all day produced 2 wahoos (one released), 3 Blackfin Tuna, 2 big Skipjack Tuna, and 2 Mahi. Awesome underwater video footage of a tuna! Captain Scott Erickson
1-17 of 18 Results