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  1. SR Sound

    Inshore Reports
    Took my kayak out in the sound on Tuesday for the first time. Had two blowups on a super spook early but no hookups so I started trolling over the grass in 4 - 7 feet using a slam shady minnow (also for the first time). What a blast! Kept 3 nice Spanish with a couple of LDRs and released...
  2. Looking for co-kayakers

    Kayak Forum
    I'm new to the area and in search of other kayak fishermen to hook up with. Mostly interested in inshore chasing trout and reds. I have a Hobie Outback and I prefer fishing with artificials on spinning gear or fly fishing. If you have time and don't mind company please shoot me a message.
  3. How to catch red drum and trout wade fishing in big lagoon

    General Discussion
    Hey, I've ben trying to get into wade fishing lately since I don't own a boat, so I went to Big Lagoon because I read there was good trout and red drum fishing there. I primarily fished the grass beds with spoons, topwaters, and DOA shrimp. There were mullet jumping everywhere, but my lures...
  4. February - Fishing Choctawhathee Bay

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    Been in the area for about 5 years now and finally got a 18 ft center console to do some fishing. Looking for fishing advice for Choctawhatchee bay in late winter. Most things I read seem to indicate the fish are in the deeper areas of the bay or along the bridge pilings. Thinking of going...
  5. Video of Fishing at ICW! Sea Trout & Red!

    Kayaking Reports
    Went to ICW at Point Washington & caught the most fish the whole summer 2 weeks ago! Here's the video link. Enjoy!
  6. Fishing the breaks between rain.

    Inshore Reports
    Tried to take a short afternoon trip to the beach (Destin) with the family, soaked some cut bait there for 30 minutes with not even a nibble, and my 2oz pyramids getting pushed right back to shore. Eventually the rip currents were a no-go so I moved us to a leeward shoreline on the north side...
  7. Trout Help

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    I'm trying to figure what the heck I'm doing wrong when it comes to catching specks. This winter/spring has been rough any time I go out looking for trout. I have gone out specifically with trout in mind probably a dozen times since December and only landed one. Typically (depending on...
  8. Nice Redfish in Pensacola Bay

    Inshore Reports
    The redfish are starting to heat up throughout the bay. I caught this one Sunday night off a dock light. The wind was about 20-25mph and it was extremely choppy. I stayed for about 30 minutes and caught this monster the first 5 minutes and a couple trout after. I hooked up with another big red...
  9. Magnolia Beach PCB

    Kayaking Reports
    Headed out to the flats yesterday evening looking for specks and reds. I started out tossing a mirrodine and quickly realized that was a losing battle with the grass at the tail end of the falling tide. Switched up to a plastic shrimp under a cork and started catching school trout like mad but...
  10. Best Tedfish and Trout lures!

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    An overview of my favorite redfish, trout, and flounder lures, their costs and how to work them.
  11. Navarre Bridge Report 8/19/13

    Piers and Bridges - Reports
    Wen't out today to catch some mangroves and flounder, caught some mangroves but only 2 keepers. Also caught a keeper flounder along with the mangroves. Knocker rigs with 20lb mono leader gets the job done for the flounder. You can also find some big trout there along with black drum right know...
  12. Thank You

    General Discussion
    First post. I've read the forum for about 2 months anticipating my annual trip to Perdido. My son, 8, really wanted to fish, but the lakes of Indiana are much easier than what he asked. By reading your posts and taking your advice, we had a successful (1 fish was all it took) day. He caught...
  13. Big Trout in Choctawhatchee Bay

    Inshore Reports
    I caught these two pigs yesterday at dusk on a bone spook Jr. I wade fished in about 2 feet of water over grass. The tide was pouring out of the bayou that I was fishing over grass flats. There were small mullet and big mullet on the flat. It was the first time this year that I saw the...
  14. Little Lagoon

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    Hey guys, I'm going to be in Gulf Shores next week with the family. We are staying on Little Lagoon in Lagoon Towers. I'm going to try and rent a kayak for the week and sneak out in the mornings or evenings to hopefully catch some fish. I'm normally a freshwater guy living in TX, but was...
  15. Hopedale, LA. 11/5

    Inshore Reports
    Every year me and some family/friends take a trip to Hopedale, LA. for a weekend of fishing and watching the Alabama vs. LSU game. Hopedale is about 20min south of Chalmette, LA and we were able to rent out someones travel trailer for a place to stay. Did some fishing Friday and Saturday and...
  16. Escambia Bay 7-8

    Inshore Reports
    We launched at the river before daylight and ran to the south part of the bay. We started in an area that is usually good, but I had not fished it in a while. It took about 2 casts to figure out they were there. Nice trout on the skitterwalk. We caught several at the first spot and then started...