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  1. Various Items For Sale.
    I see this model the tld20 sells for 179 retail all over the internet. It looks exactly the same, but i really don't know if there are any differences between old and new. this example has never been spooled and has been in the box in my Dads closet since purchased new as a birthday gift...
  2. Kayak Forum
    Day 2 of the Navarre trip went a lot better than the storms we dealt with on day 1. It was HOT though... The bait was thick and the fish were feeding! Thanks for your support!
  3. General Discussion
    hey guys back again with another video! This time country got himself a blackfin tuna out of his canoe a mile or so from shore trolling a hard bait lure!
  4. General Discussion
    Charter available - boat is booked 7/25 6 or 8 hr Hey guys, I have the Lady Em Chartered for 7/25 (Monday ) for noon departure - 6 to 8 hours. boat is a 60' LOA w/ 20' beam. I have space for up to 6 more (boat holds 14 max). Cost will be between $200 and $250 pp depending on number that go...
  5. Blue Water Reports
    Sunday 5/8/16 out of P'cola 0 for 1 on Blue Marlin Hit blue water 5-10 miles SE of the Oriskany and started dragging, it was slick as a baby's butt out there. There was no hard color change, the water just gradually cleaned up. Kept heading ESE looking for something to fish besides open water...
  6. Fishing Gear For Sale
    Got a lot of stuff I don't use and I figured someone might want for the upcoming fishing season. I will try to get the list as pictured. I am located in FWB and will meet somewhere local to sell. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. If you are interested please text me at...
  7. Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    Okay I'm totally new to trolling, so I'm wondering if anyone can give me some pointers or recommendations on what they use. Like how far back to let the line out, what speed to go, and what to rig up? I've tried various artificials, gulp shrimp carolina rigged, ratltraps (which often get hung...
  8. General Discussion
    I have a 29 foot Twin Engine Boat, I like to do deep sea fishing (both trolling and bottom fishing), I joined fishing charters before, I need tips and advice from experts. I have all waypoints entered in my GPS. I have Penn Rods, not sure about what type of Lure or bait to use.
  9. Boats and Boat Parts For Sale
    MINN KOTA, I-Pilot, RIPTIDE ST, 80lb, 60”........... sold
  10. Blue Water Reports
    Headed out towards the squiggles around 5:30 am. Got out there around 7:15 and started trolling towards the spur. The water was very blue. About 30 minutes into trolling one of our 50 wides started going off. The fish took line for about 20 seconds then stopped and she was gone. 15 minutes after...
  11. Blue Water Fishing - General Q & A
    Does anyone have any reports for the squiggles area? Thinking about heading out there Saturday.
  12. Blue Water Reports
    Does anyone know what the madison swansons are looking like right now? Was trying to plan a trolling trip that way.
  13. Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    I am taking my 24' pontoon boat to the beach to take my family out fishing in the Perdido Bay area. My niece and nephew love to fish, and it's actually hard to get them to move when we're catching Pinfish. It's funny, they just love to catch them, but my Brother-in-Law and I are begging them to...
  14. General Discussion
    Newbie with some quesions. Where have the fish gone in Pensacola pass? I started spearing/fishing around the area September 2013 -November 2013 and there were plenty fish on beach and pass area. I recently went diving a few times and there were no fish to be found and nothing biting. The water...
  15. Blue Water Fishing - General Q & A
    I've got a 21' Contender with a 200hpdi on it and 90gal of fuel. Best I can figure i'm getting about 2miles to the gal. I would love to do some blue water trolling and like to get on some wahoos mainly but would take any blue water fish. I can do bout 50miles straight outta p-cola pass no...
  16. Fishing Gear For Sale
    Going to my boss's place in Pavones, Costa Rica next month to work and fish, need some combos to take with us for the panga, haha Looking for 4 50s and 4 30s, with or without rods, the reels need to be in good shape, I'd consider Shimano, avet, accurates, pm me or call or text at 8505015016...
  17. General Discussion
    I live in Panama City and just bought a new Sea Hunt Gamefish 25. I am wondering what there is to troll for right now and where to go?
  18. Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    I finally have my boat back and im breaking the bonds of inshore fishing. I'll be cruising through the pass in OB sometime this weekend with some friends and some of them have fished offshore before but i have not. I'll be relying on their expertise as i am a virgin to green water. However, i...
  19. Offshore Reports
    We left perdido at about 7 and tried to catch bait with no luck, so hunkered down and headed out. The seas were forecast to be 2-3, we encountered swells about 4-5 feet :shifty: . Anyway, we decided we didn't want to go anymore than 10 miles, so we set up shop at some spots at the beginning of...
1-19 of 25 Results