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  1. Various Items For Sale.
    I got this system about a year ago and used it a few times. It is basically 2 full systems, but one of the monitors quit working for whatever reason. It's probably an easy fix, but I don't use it nor have time to repair it. The rest of the system works perfect! Great tool for Mechanics...
  2. Various Items For Sale.
    DieselHave 2 "Pacific Equipment" generators for sale. 1. 8500 watt gas powered, electric start, remote control, brand new. $1200.00 2. 7500 watt diesel powered, electric start, remote control, brand new. $1400.00 Sold *Both were purchased for hurricanes outages, paid more than asking...
  3. Boat Repair - Questions,Answers and Suggestions
    I've got a 1986 Alpha One on a V8 GMC 350 that needs a gimbal bearing, bellows, shifter cable, probably some u-joints and lots of other stuff I have yet to discover. I was wondering if anyone might have been in the same situation as myself in the past "poor and wanting to make the boat run...
  4. Various Items For Sale.
    Garage Sale 12831 Lillian hwy. Pensacola fl 32506. Power tools, childrens clothes and toys, books and much more. come check it out! Any questions call 850-453-0407. Thanks!!
1-4 of 4 Results