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  1. Last Lionfish of 2017

    Last Lionfish trip of 2017. Great vis all day and ended up with about 200 pounds. Even got a visit from FWC...those guys are so considerate zooming up at top speed and boarding our vessel for no reason. Kinda weird coming to the surface with two of them staring down out you. Watch at 3:36 a big...
  2. Big Grouper and swarm of Lionfish

    32 Pound Gag and 50lbs of Lionfish on one dive. Bump up to 1080p for best viewing...enjoy.
  3. The Shark Shield Works!!

  4. Sharky out there fellow Spearos!!

    Had some very "Sharky" dives yesterday. Saw sharks on just about every dive so we stopped the solo dives and started going in pairs. In this video, watch as I load my second band, Greg shoots a nice snapper and 4 bull sharks move in. Freakin hilarious when Greg reaches down to turn on the shark...
  5. Snapper and Lionfish videos

    Haven't posted in a while...couple of Snapper and Lionfish videos during Fed weekend. Shot two 25 pounders on one dive (the facebook link under the youtube video) and one just under 26 (the culvert at the end of the youtube video)...
  6. What dat is?

    General Scuba Chat
    Nice encounter with a sea robin.
  7. Videos from Friday 9Sep16

    Lionfish, snapper, and a huge pissed-off moray eel. Don't forget to bump up to 1080p for best viewing...enjoy!!
  8. Big day lionfish

    Found some big numbers on Saturday. The vis was excellent, water temps excellent, dive buddies excellent, and all around excellent day.... Don't forget to bump up to 1080p for best viewing...enjoy.
  9. Weekend video

    A little action from this Independence Day weekend, with Toner, Miller Time, and Tarzan. Merica!! ...last dive of the day...enjoy! Bump up to 1080p for best viewing quality.
  10. Lionfish stings

    If you've ever been poked by a catfish, the ole wives' tale was to rub the catfish body slime to help with the pain/swelling. We've been doing this with Lionfish stings and it seems to help, especially when you get hit on the fingers. If you get hit in the more meaty parts of you hand or...
  11. BLEU for Sale!!

    Scuba Gear For Sale
    ---SOLD--- Tired of lugging klunky Zookeepers around? The answer is Boudreaux’s Lionfish Eradication Unit (BLEU). BLEU is light, compact, and holds up to 50 pounds of Lionfish…from what I understand; 5 gallon buckets hold only 40 pounds. BLEU is a modified Armor Lionfish catch bag. The...
  12. Encouter with shark video.

    I named the video Battle with shark, but Larry called me out and said it was more like an Encounter. Went out Saturday for snapper, but the vis was terrible on the bottom...60-90ft. Toner dove this spot before me. He shot a nice snapper but his tip broke. I found it, with the tip still...
  13. Eel eating lionfish video!!

    Got an eel to eat some lionfish. He kept following me like a puppy.
  14. Last day of snapper...

    8 big snapper on the boat by 1030. Great day...very sharky. Glad my dive buddy had a shark shield. Toner had 5 sharks swarm him on one of his dives. Bump up to 1080p for better video quality.
  15. When Triggers attack!!

    Make sure you have the sound can hear them crunching on my camera before one bites me on the head (first fish). Then one bites my hand (second fish). Those buggers were really swaming aournd the second fish. Enjoy...
  16. Quick Video from 17May

    Lobster, Scamp, and 2 pound lionfish...Ted found a very pretty starfish :001_huh:
  17. The two that got away...

    Went out with Chad (Toner), Carl (Tarzan), and Ted looking for some AJ's. I shot two that got off, one of them with my spear, yet I still brought two AJ's onto the boat...long story.