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  1. General Discussion
    Grew up fishing from shore and the pier. Just got a 17 carolina skiff and have fished the pass the last two weekends in a row. A lot of fun chasing reds and whatnot. Can someone fill me in on the seasons for sheepshead/snapper/grouper and some good spots in the bay? Im kind of clueless on all...
  2. Kayak Forum
    I would like to know how you store the fish you keep. What's the best solution you have found? Or product? I live in Niceville and plan to fish Choctawhatchee Bay Sunday in my brand spanking new kayak to start out. What are some good areas to start with, especially this time of year, and where...
  3. Piers and Bridges - General Q & A
    I would like to go to the Okaloosa Pier with my son this weekend. We are both newbies. Not looking for anything huge, but something to eat! What should we go after, how heavy should the tackle be, what tactics/bait? Should I try to catch bait or will frozen work? Time of day or tides? Thanks...
  4. Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    I am thinking about going surf fishing for the first time and I am mostly a inshore fisherman and any tips for a first timer would be more than welcome. I would like to try to catch a small shark so any shark tips for catching SMALL sharks, not huge tigers and hammers would be great as well.
  5. General Discussion
    Hey yall, I guess you can say I'm new in town. Just graduated boot camp. I'm in the US Navy stationed at Pensacola Naval Air Station. I'm trying to get a feel for the area and find out all the hot spots to fish. As of now im strictly going to be landbased so if you pier and bridge guys could...
  6. Kayak Forum
    Hello, I recently moved back to Pensacola from Baltimore, MD and I decided to take up Kayak fishing. I just purchased a Native Manta Ray 12' Kayak, net, Pliers, Gloves, and a low profile tackle box. Other then the listed things i have nothing else because i'm not sure what works out here. I'm...
  7. Flounder Gigging
    I really want to try gigging out, it sounds like a great time. However, I really have no idea how to do it? Could you guys give me some tips? Any info about gear, spots and general technique would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  8. General Discussion
    Can someone tell me where to go and what to use to catch red and black drum mackerals, maybe even seatrout
  9. Kayak Forum
    I just moved to Gulf Breeze and really want to get into kayak fishing. I have alot of fishing experience but not that much in this area. I currently have a 12' sit in recreational kayak that just cant handle the surf or choppy water where I want to fish so I am looking to upgrade. I really...
1-9 of 9 Results