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  1. Offshore Charter Reports
    Last couple Charters produced a few nice fish. Few pictures, but AJ’s in the 40-50 Lb range, Red Snapper some in the 35 Lb range, Jack Carville, several Sharks (Bulls/Blacktips/Hammerheads) in the 100-250 Lb range, and a Monster male Tiger in the 11-12 Ft 500 + Lb range. Good to have my...
  2. Offshore Reports
    Tiger Sharks prowl both the in-shore and open waters of the Gulf of Mexico and are tireless feeders that can attack anything, everything, anytime, anywhere. They are tenacious, acrobatic, and terribly strong when hooked providing even seasoned big-game fishermen a test of skill. The Tiger...
  3. Offshore Reports
    The past few years my friend Jon Patten from England has come over in search of big fish. Last year he caught 3 broadbill swordfish with me and mentioned he had always wanted to catch a big tiger shark. I told him April would be his best bet, but there was no guarantee. When Jon showed up this...
1-3 of 3 Results