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  1. Spearfishing
    Pics from our trip yesterday. John (Telum Pices), Brandon (Miller Time), and myself each shot a nice AJ. If you notice from the Whale Shark video, my first one pulled off. Even Bianca got an AJ (by proxy) right Brandon?:whistling:
  2. Spearfishing
    Myself, Brandon (Miller Time), John (Telum Pices), and Bianca dove the Chevron. After shooting some AJ's, we got up close to a Whale Shark.
  3. Spearfishing
    Here's my view from Miller Time's monster AJ. In the second dive, I get tangled up after shooting a Scamp...couldn't reach a lobster because the line was caught on my tank. My thinking was, line? or lobster? The line lost... My camera was pointed a little down ...sorry for the poor...
1-3 of 3 Results