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  1. General Scuba Chat
    Here is the second dive.
  2. General Scuba Chat
    17Aug2016- First Cozumel Dive, the Santa Rosa Wall. The current was very strong…the strongest current I can recall experiencing while diving. You will notice when I get into the column how fast we zoom by the coral heads. Tarzan and I got separated from our group and ended up tagging along with...
  3. Spearfishing
    A little action from this Independence Day weekend, with Toner, Miller Time, and Tarzan. Merica!! ...last dive of the day...enjoy! Bump up to 1080p for best viewing quality.
  4. Spearfishing
    If you've ever been poked by a catfish, the ole wives' tale was to rub the catfish body slime to help with the pain/swelling. We've been doing this with Lionfish stings and it seems to help, especially when you get hit on the fingers. If you get hit in the more meaty parts of you hand or...
  5. Spearfishing
    Two dives on the Timber Holes with Carl (Tarzan) and Brandon (Miller Time). 28 Lobster and about 25 or so Lionfish. Enjoy...
  6. Spearfishing
    Went out with Chad (Toner), Carl (Tarzan), and Ted looking for some AJ's. I shot two that got off, one of them with my spear, yet I still brought two AJ's onto the boat...long story.
  7. Spearfishing
    Spent Mother’s day diving the Chevron, Avocet, and the Pipes with Miller Time and Tarzan. Forgot to turn my camera off after the first dive, so all I captured was the Chevron dive. Trying Spectra line for the first time and the jury is still out. As you can see in the video, took a shot at the...
  8. Spearfishing
    Myself, Carl (Tarzan), and Ricky dove the O, Greens, and some bridge rubble. Threw this together while I watched the dabate last night.
  9. Spearfishing
    Carl(Tarzan) and I did 2 dives on the Greens Hole and 1 dive on the Tex Edwards...Josh was our bubble watcher. The first is a bit blury because I had some condensation in the housing. At the end of the first dive, I started checking my bearings beacuse I lost the anchor...I look up and theres...
  10. Spearfishing
    Carl (Tarzan) and myself did two dive on some natural bottom...Walt (nonameangler+1) was our bubble watcher. It was pretty rough and Walt got beat to hell on the surface while experienced some great vis below. Thanx Walt!!! These were my first attempts at shooting Lionfish with my little pole...
  11. Spearfishing
    Brandon (Miller Time), Carl (Tarzan), and myself on the Avocet...Carl's son Brandon (aka Boy) was our bubble watcher. Notice at the beginning of the video Miller Time's reaction when I told him the was a shark right below us...too funny!!
  12. Spearfishing
    Brandon (Miller Time), Carl (Tarzan), and myself, did three dives on 27May…Tarzan’s son Brandon (aka Boy) was our bubble watcher. This dive is the ECUA Pipes. Didn’t see much worth shooting, so I ended up playing with lobster and Lionfish. I didn’t know that Lionfish also have spines toward the...
1-12 of 12 Results