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  1. Local, Just got my first bay boat, need advice on spots/times of year/tackle. TIA!

    General Discussion
    Grew up fishing from shore and the pier. Just got a 17 carolina skiff and have fished the pass the last two weekends in a row. A lot of fun chasing reds and whatnot. Can someone fill me in on the seasons for sheepshead/snapper/grouper and some good spots in the bay? Im kind of clueless on all...
  2. 2000 century 1900 center console boat package

    Boats and Boat Parts For Sale
    2000 CENTURY 1900 CENTER CONSOLE BOAT PACKAGE $15,250.00 OBO Complete boat package, includes: Boat Motor and Trailer Century 1900 Boat – Center line length 20’6” Large T Top with Electronics Box, Rocket Launchers and Life Jacket Storage Bag Leaning Post with Rocket Launchers and Under Seat...
  3. Bait and Tackle Shop

    General Discussion
    Avalon Bait & Tackle Here Just in case anyone is looking for a new bait and tackle shop. We have everything from lures, rods, boat accessories, beer, sodas, cigarettes, ice, ammo, and much much more. Just come and stop by when you get a chance to see for yourself. For live Fresh water bait we...
  4. Popping my cherry this weekend.

    Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    I finally have my boat back and im breaking the bonds of inshore fishing. I'll be cruising through the pass in OB sometime this weekend with some friends and some of them have fished offshore before but i have not. I'll be relying on their expertise as i am a virgin to green water. However, i...
  5. Fishhound Lists the 50 Best U.S. Lakes and Rivers for Catfish

    General Discussion
    Fishhound Lists the 50 Best U.S. Lakes and Rivers for Catfish Sherman Oaks, Calif., June 6, 2013 – Monster blues, oversized flatheads, lunker channels – they’re all out there waiting for you in the lakes and rivers on Fishhound’s “50 Best” list for catfish., one of the fastest...
  6. Where to buy Bulk Bait? Destin to Pensacola

    Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    Looking to find out places that sell bulk bait. I am located in the FWB area and would be willing to go up towards Pensacola or to Sandestin. I am primarily looking for frozen flats of sardines, threadfin, etc. Any additional info on variety/pricing would also be appreciated.
  7. So How much turkey did everyone eat?

    Off Topic
    I prob took down about 3lbs of food in about 40 min. Felt like I was going to die. LOL:thumbup:
  8. Dangerous sandbars can be deadly. Stay safe out there.

    Out Of Area
    A friend of mine went under water for half a block when the edge of a sand bar unexpectedly broke off under his weight. It threw him into current and he was lucky to touch bottom so he knew which way was up. He thought he was done for.
  9. DIY #fishing Tips and Tricks and #Secrets rigs for beginner #anglers to old dogs.

    Boating and Fishing Tricks and Tips
    Hi, I do video on fishing of many types. Tips and tricks for beginners on up. Please allow me to post periodically. I will post in appropriate categories. If my you tube videos are not what your forum is about just let me know. Sincerely, WillCFish, Clayton Will...
  10. Catfishing tips and tricks. Bait, tools, rigs. For beginners

    Fresh and Brackish - General Q & A
    Hi, I do educational/informational videos for beginners on most species. I bring a lifetime of tips and tricks. I hope I am welcome on your forum. If not just let me know and I'll be on my way. Good Luck Fishing.
  11. Bass Fishing tips and tricks for beginners on up.

    Fresh and Brackish - General Q & A
  12. Ready to Fish Florida

    General Discussion
    I am about to put new line on our reels for a trip to Pensacola where we plan to fish on the piers. I am bringing some fiends who have never caugh a fish. I really want them to have fun. I will bring light and med. tackle. what is the best general line for both type of rigs?
  13. Fishing Tips From Beach to Surf to Offshore

    Offshore Reports
    Fish that are commonly caught close to the beach are species such as the Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel and Speckled Trout. These fish can be caught using bottom rigs, but it’s much more fun to target them with lures and light tackle. One of my favorite things to do in off season is to walk the...