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  1. Perdido Vacation surf fishing

    Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    Hey folks, I'll be down in the Perdido area for the week and would like to do some surf fishing. I've got all the equipment and such just need advice on what rigs/bait to use and where to fish. In the past i have just used a double dropper rig with mustard hooks and live shrimp (fishing on...
  2. Lets go fishing

    Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    Howdy, I'm new to the forum and am interested in making a connection or two in Panama City. I'll be down there March 5-13 and am dying to do some saltwater fishing. I would be willing to exchange a guided fly fishing trip in the mountains of North Carolina! Is anyone going to be down there...
  3. Breakers vs. Offshore Swells?

    Kayak Forum
    Checking out the surf forecast and noticed something weird. It calls for 1-2' tomorrow on swellinfo, but the chart and numbers don't match up, showing 0'. Curious if I'm missing something. NOAA calls for 1-2' seas, but I know with the right wind 2' seas can still be ankle-high breakers...
  4. Beginner to surf fishing..

    Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    Just got on this forums and i love it! I'm as new to the forums as i am to surf fishing i have seen my uncle do it but i've never done it . I've done a ton of research on it in the past week or so and i think i have an idea. Should i use a double dropper rig with sand fleas on it? is that good...
  5. Henderson State

    Surf Fishing Reports
    Spent all afternoon at Henderson State Beach with absolutely no luck. Went rigged for cobia since I saw some yesterday. None today. Just a giant school of jacks around 5pm. Talked around and even the pompano weren't biting much today. On a separate note if you were surf fishing with your...
  6. penn reels and bill fisher rod

    Fishing Gear For Sale
    I have a Penn senator 3/0 all original and in good shape. I also have a Penn 330 Gti in good shape and both have the rod brackets. I have a 6 foot Bill Fisher (Sea Striker) rod. All in good shape just don't use any of it. Asking 150 o.b.o. for all of it I have pictures on my phone so I can send...
  7. Navarre Beach Report 8/31/13

    Surf Fishing Reports
    Wen't out today around 6:30 in the morning to try the surf and the bite was good, caught a bluefish, some whiting, and a BIG skipjack. While I was castnetting bait, I was constantly catching baby pompano so I'm sure there are bigger keeper pompano out farther. The bite slowed so I went for a...
  8. Traveling 5 hours for 1 day of fishing/Johnson Beach

    Surf Fishing Reports
    I'm taking a one night camping trip to Johnson Beach. I've never surf fished before but am an avid freshwater and and bass fisherman. I prefer artificial but can do real bait if a necessity. I plan on stopping by the pass and using swim baits and spoons for a Red. But will do most of my fishing...
  9. Santa Rosa Sound @ Navarre Beach Help???

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    My wife and I will be in Navarre beach the first week in September and would like to catch something around our condo. We will not have access to a boat, but would some advice on what to go for, and how to rig. We have only lightweight tackle, and will likely be fishing from the bank or the...