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  1. Kayak Forum
    Are the Kings and Spanish moving into the beaches yet? Anyone catching them? Seems like it should be now or any day now..:)
  2. Kayaks for Sale
    I have some Spring Creek foam canoe stabilizers (outriggers) that I don't need anymore. I upgraded to the better HD version and no longer need the other kit. You can see my Craigslist ad below. My goal is to get these things into someone's hands who will enjoy them, so I'll give them away if...
  3. Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    How do you know what to surf fish for at what time of the spring and summer months? Is there a place to find out what to catch at what time of the year? What can you catch within the first and second sand bar at this time of the year? Thanks for any advice!
1-3 of 3 Results