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  1. Blue Water Reports
    Was doing some trolling east of the elbow yesterday when this big guy ate. Fish was almost 7' long. Didnt get a weight on it,but was well over #100.
  2. Kayak Forum
    Took the kayaks out supperbowl sunday. Starting to see bait fish in the shalows of the sound. With the upcoming warmmer weather it wont be long and the sport fish will be feeding more agressivley. Very excited for spring fishing.:thumbup:
  3. Offshore Reports From Out Of The Area
    Barra De Navidad Fishing Tournament January 2011 - with Ana Maria Sportfishing Charters Captain Steve Torres and team Ana Maria take 1st place team in Barra de Navidad tournament Great week of fishing from start to finish. We prefished the day before the tournament checking out the fishing...
1-3 of 3 Results