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  1. Late Weekend Report

    Inshore Reports
    Hi everyone. This is my first report so bear with me here. Summary: Location: Blackwater Bay Depth:2-4 feet Lures of Choice: Mirrodine 17 mr Fails: free-lining live shrimp Fish: 8+ specks & hybrid bass After getting off work early, I decided to try my luck in Blackwater Bay. I hit the...
  2. Specks Under The Lights

    Inshore Reports
    I went fishing last night under the lights the winds were about 10mph from the West so the it was pretty choppy in the bay. We got there and the specs were hittin every little minnow that swam across the surface. We ended up catching about 10 specs. One big one got off. We kept the ones in the...
  3. Using popping cork rig at Sykes? (Deadly Combo, Cajun Thunder)

    Piers and Bridges - General Q & A
    Hello, It's me again already. I'm aware that the weather has been harsh and only the sheepshead have begun biting, but I wanted to know what kind of lures, rigs, anything, etc. I should have in my arsenal if I want to catch anything this year at places like Sykes, Bayview Park, Jim's? I'm...
  4. Where's the big specks at?

    Piers and Bridges - Reports
    I have been catching a whole bunch of little bitty specks and little grouper in Pensacola bay hitting up lit docks and stuff but i'm looking for the specks that are worth filleting lol.
  5. Elusive specks at archie glover

    Kayak Forum
    hey everyone- so i've been fishing archie glover lately from my kayak (mostly because its real close to my house) targeting specks and havent gotten so much as a bite. never been speck fishing before, most all my experience is trout on the fly up north (rainbows, brooks, and brownies). So...
  6. Little lagoon fishing

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    Im probably going to go to the little lagoon in gulf shores this weekend. I was wondering how I should fish there, and what unguys think about the little lagoon etc. also I was wondering where I should launch my kayak, could I go in from little lagoon pass? Also I know that live shrimp works...
  7. Seatrout sampling

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    Hi everyone, I'm a graduate student at the University of Southern Mississippi researching spotted seatrout population genetics. I am in need of help collecting at least 50 seatrout samples from the Pensacola area. I used to live in Pensacola but moved for school and can only make it back...