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speckled trout

  1. Catching trout just north of Char

    Inshore Reports From Out Of The Area
    Hi guys. First post for folks traveling to Charleston SC area looking to fish. went last Thursday and the tide was high around ten am. We get six foot tides here and unless you’ve got a flats boat the Redfish are tough to get on. However, we did manage to find some trout on a flat and some...
  2. How to catch red drum and trout wade fishing in big lagoon

    General Discussion
    Hey, I've ben trying to get into wade fishing lately since I don't own a boat, so I went to Big Lagoon because I read there was good trout and red drum fishing there. I primarily fished the grass beds with spoons, topwaters, and DOA shrimp. There were mullet jumping everywhere, but my lures...
  3. Destin Inshore Fishing

    Inshore Reports
    The fishing has started off much better for us this year than last year and is shaping up to be a productive season! We are getting everything in shallow water on the flats using live bait, primarily pogies either carolina rigged or under a cork.
  4. Late Weekend Report

    Inshore Reports
    Hi everyone. This is my first report so bear with me here. Summary: Location: Blackwater Bay Depth:2-4 feet Lures of Choice: Mirrodine 17 mr Fails: free-lining live shrimp Fish: 8+ specks & hybrid bass After getting off work early, I decided to try my luck in Blackwater Bay. I hit the...
  5. Destin Inshore Fishing

    Inshore Charter Reports
    The fishing in Destin has been good lately. plenty of bait around, lots of life on the flats, and plenty of slot reds and big speckled trout to be caught.
  6. Where's the big specks at?

    Piers and Bridges - Reports
    I have been catching a whole bunch of little bitty specks and little grouper in Pensacola bay hitting up lit docks and stuff but i'm looking for the specks that are worth filleting lol.
  7. Blue Crab in Perdido Key

    General Discussion
    Where is the best place to fish for blue crab in the area? Just down with the family for the week and looking to catch some blue crab. I see some docks in Big Lagoon from the bridge ( going back towards Pensacola). Would that area work? Bought some chicken necks and some string (what I was told...
  8. New on here

    Kayak Forum
    Hey guys! I just bought a kayak and I'm planning on going out tomorrow sometime in Daphne. I've fished around Orange Beach and Gulf Shores a ton, but I don't know anything about inshore fishing around Daphne. I've heard of the Daphne Pilings, but I've never fished there before. I think I will...
  9. Destin Bay Fishing Report

    Inshore Charter Reports
    The flats have turned on for us in Destin. We are getting our limit of reds and a few good specks just about every trip. For clients that want to cast we are using soft plastics, and for the rest shrimp under a popping cork. Every area that is loaded with mullet has produced good for...
  10. 11/17 Trout bite

    Inshore Reports
    Me and a buddy put in on the causway on mobile bay Saturday morning by the tacky jacks and decided to head north to try and get on some trout. Got a little late start because of the cold, but wound up in the water around 7 am. Just north of the launch were a couple large groups of birds working...
  11. Mobile Bay Specks - Video

    Inshore Reports
    Here is a video from the end of May. We killed the specks until the wind overtook us and we had to get out. Enjoy!
  12. Coming in from out of state. Needing advise please!

    General Discussion
    Hey guys. So happy to find this forum. I am coming from Arkansas to stay on Miramar Beach for 7 days. June 23-30th. I am and avid freshwater fisherman. Crappie,Bass, Catfish and Trout here in Arkansas. I hope to spends as much time as possible keeping a line wet during my visit. The only...
  13. Dock Light Trout report 5/1

    Inshore Reports
    Couldn't sleep last night so I got up around 11:30 last night and went to the shop to get a few live shrimp (one of the advantages of working at a tackle store, live bait whenever you want :thumbup: ) I made it back to my dock around midnight, and just like I thought, the big speckled trout were...
  14. Seatrout sampling

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    Hi everyone, I'm a graduate student at the University of Southern Mississippi researching spotted seatrout population genetics. I am in need of help collecting at least 50 seatrout samples from the Pensacola area. I used to live in Pensacola but moved for school and can only make it back...
  15. Escambia Bay 7-8

    Inshore Reports
    We launched at the river before daylight and ran to the south part of the bay. We started in an area that is usually good, but I had not fished it in a while. It took about 2 casts to figure out they were there. Nice trout on the skitterwalk. We caught several at the first spot and then started...
  16. Destin Inshore Fishing

    Inshore Reports
    The redfish bite has been great for the past couple of weeks. We have been getting some phenomenal 4 and 5 hour trips bringing a ton of upperslot redfish to the boat. We've also caught a few gator trout in the 5 lb range. The bait of choice has been menhaden (pogies) freelining them on the flats...