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  1. Out Of Area
    Had a good time! The action was slow but caught a few nice ones. Beautiful place had never been there. The fishing is probably better with the warmer water.
  2. General Discussion
    Has anyone tried the little pier at Navarre Park? I'm trying to find some decent spots for specs and reds (and maybe a flounder) in the area and this looked interesting.
  3. Kayaking Reports
    Launched just after sunset to do my first dock light trip for this year and see how the bite is now that it's warming up. Caught 2 reds: 29" and 30.5" and 2 specks 13" and 17.5". Lost a few more specks in that range as well. All fish caught on live shrimp under popping cork. Tried throwing dark...
  4. Inshore Reports
    Tried to take a short afternoon trip to the beach (Destin) with the family, soaked some cut bait there for 30 minutes with not even a nibble, and my 2oz pyramids getting pushed right back to shore. Eventually the rip currents were a no-go so I moved us to a leeward shoreline on the north side...
1-4 of 4 Results