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  1. Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    As highly touted as snapper are, I've never had the chance to catch one. If anyone would care to supply numbers of where I might find some in a bay that I could get to in a kayak, please message me. Thanks in advance if any of you are generous enough to share. If not, I get it.
  2. Offshore Reports
    We had been trying to come down the past 3 weeks and the weather finally gave us a window on sunday and monday the weekend before last. We had some new numbers to try out and they ended up being great. The first spot we hit we were able to get a limit of big triggers in under 10 minutes on...
  3. Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    Go here to comment to the Feds about letting the Gulf States manage Snapper regulations for State and Federal waters....
  4. Offshore Reports
    I'm sure most everyone had a productive Sunday! Went offshore to grab some Mingo and Red Snapper which, after fighting through the triggers we did pretty well. We had a couple of interesting things happen when we were 25ish miles offshore. Found this floating: 22ft Contender with tower...
  5. Piers and Bridges - Reports
    Went to Bob Sykes Bridge from about 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm yesterday. Caught 5 Flounder, 4 Mangrove Snapper, 1 Grouper....all but two snapper were too small and had to throw back. Using 2" finger mullet. Wind and current taking the baits under the main bridge. People using 2" LY's were not...
  6. Offshore Reports
    Great day on the water! Seas were expected to be a 2-3 ft swell at 6-7 seconds and they were. A few 4-5ft swells were thrown in for good measure, but was able to make about 20 mph and still stay comfortable and dry. Started off slow with only catching 5 live baits at 7 wrecks in the gulf...I...
  7. Inshore Reports
    I caught a couple gags (one at 29" and one at 21 boooo) this weekend in the lagoon (from the beach). Some other guys came by in kayaks and caught quite a few nice snapper yesterday. I didn't take a pic of the 21" before I released it, but I will get on my phone to post a pic of the 29".
  8. Offshore Reports
    This is my first post to the site. For those who don't know me, you may know (or know of) Dad, aka Coach Schipman. He, my son Wolfe and I went out Saturday for the season opener. While catching bait on Friday, the motors started giving us some linkage problems. As a result, we started late...
  9. Kayak Forum
    Cannot believe the regulations and the weather worked out today. It has been a while since I got out, but it paid off today. I was definitely rusty on the launch but eventually got everything like I wanted and made my way out. Bait was readily available so I felt my chances were good. Went out...
  10. Fishing Gear For Sale
    I am selling a couple of my 6/0's because I bought a TLD 50w 2 speed & don't want them to just sit & collect dust. Figured someone may can put them to use instead. This one is a 114 metal spooled with 60lb mono on a new 6'6" Penn Defiance rod. Reel is ready to fish. It was used for Red...
  11. Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    I would like to start selling grouper/snapper rigs, and I was wondering who I could sell to, price, and where to sell them. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    This goes over how to properly tie a grouper rig. It also shows how to bait it. This rig also works for snapper and amberjack.
  13. Reefs and Wrecks
    A friend and I looking for some Pensacola Snapper action next week. We were hoping to hook up with some other yakkers. Anyone planning on going out those days?
  14. Hurricane Help/Info and more
    Very first post! I'm a newbie and don't know much about snapper fishing. I was thinking of trying to get a bottom fishing trip after the storm passes and would like some opinions on weather or not the fish would bite. Do you think the water will subside, or will the storm still have everything...
  15. General Discussion
    Going out this weekend but with gag and red snapper closed, bottom fishing may suck because of throwing everything back. Anyone have any info about trolling the 29 edge? How does the water look?
  16. Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    On vacation this week with bay boat. Can I catch snapper or Spanish in the bay right now? Where is best place and technique. All advice appreciated!
1-17 of 22 Results