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  1. Absolute beginner suggestions

    General Discussion
    Hello all, I am a grandfather from Pennsylvania and an experienced freshwater fisherman, some salt water fishing. The first week of June I will visit my 3 and a half year old grandson who has never been fishing. I am looking to make a memory and hopefully start him on a lifetime of fun. I am...
  2. New to area Pace

    General Discussion
    We recently moved to the area and trying to find some good spots to fish from shore. We love to bass fish but would love to catch catfish also. We are in pace and been trying some of local boat ramps on escambia river. I have seen a lot of post about spillway. Where is the spillway and can be...
  3. Fishing the breaks between rain.

    Inshore Reports
    Tried to take a short afternoon trip to the beach (Destin) with the family, soaked some cut bait there for 30 minutes with not even a nibble, and my 2oz pyramids getting pushed right back to shore. Eventually the rip currents were a no-go so I moved us to a leeward shoreline on the north side...
  4. Large fish species in Choctawhatchee Bay?

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    What are the large non-toothy fish species in the choctawhatchee bay? Had another big one get away, but intrigued as to what it was. Was shore fishing off white point with bottom-rigged cut cigar minnow (leftovers from king trolling) earlier this evening, catching a few cats for my daughter to...
  5. NAS Pier

    Piers and Bridges - Reports
    Hit the pier this morning with Cornflake789, aka Indy. We started out a little slow for about half an hour and then they started coming in. He had some ladyfish from the night before, so we threw that out on our heavy tackle. Ended up with 10 blacktops, one of them being decent size, the rest...
  6. New to area... local fishing resources... tips

    Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    Hello, I am a newbie to the group and to the area... visited many times with wife's family and love it... Anyway, coming from NC with general pond fishing knowledge and a little salt/brackish water river fishing (Neuse and Pamlico Rivers near the Atlantic). Would love links, books, tips...