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  1. Shore fishing by pier AND Sikes on 3/30/18....approx 6am-9am

    Piers and Bridges - Reports
    Four dozen shrimp..for dozen shrimp and ran out very quick. The bite was on hard but was using extremely large circle hooks trying to catch the big one. I did catch and manage a 30-inch red, but do you know if you're going to get caught it will be with that fish in the truck. What does a 3 pole...
  2. A few more tips on Sheepshead

    Inshore Reports
    I have been researching on the forum about how to fish for sheepshead. A few final questions before I give it a try. My teenage son and I will be heading out Sunday after early church in newly purchased boat. I was planning to fish Mid Bay bridge. I assumed I should anchor and try to position...
  3. 27 Feb Mid-Bay Bridge

    Kayaking Reports
    Launched with H-MANEOD around 0745 from White Point and headed south along the bridge. Hit a couple pilings halfway out and pulled up some sheepshead then pushed to the channel. At the channel I had the first hook up with a black drum on live shrimp. As I landed it my second rod with a live...
  4. 18 Feb and 20 Feb Mid-Bay Bridge

    Kayaking Reports
    18 Feb - Launched around 0930 and headed south working pilings towards the channel. Landed a total of 10 sheepshead from 14" to 20", a 27" black drum, and 4 or 5 undersize grey snapper. 20 Feb - Launched with H-MANEOD at sun-up from White Point and worked our way out the channel. The wind and...
  5. Help New to area (please help)

    Surf Fishing Reports
    Good afternoon, I'm new to this area and I love to fish on my free time. I tried Johnson beach (zero luck) and also Palafox Pier (zero luck, but looks like a great place to fish). I live off of blue angel parkway and I was wondering is there a good fishing spot near me that I could catch drum...
  6. Sheepshead help at Sikes

    Piers and Bridges - General Q & A
    What kind of rigs should I use to fish for sheepshead at sikes? And what times/conditions will give me the best results :yes:
  7. Bob Sykes Bridge Yesterday 1/19/2013

    Inshore Reports
    We arrived on boat at Bob Sykes bridge yesterday at about 9am. We moved twice around the Pile Ons and had nothing but nibbles here and there for the next 2.5 hours. I gave the crew 5 minutes before we head out dock hopping for Reds and my buddy starts screaming. He pulls up a 19 inch...
  8. Hot Spots Charters-Captain Tyler 4/5

    Inshore Charter Reports
    With the last few days having horrible weather I was pleased to see the sun and not have a 20mph wind!! The fish were on the same page! I had Neal from Georgia, his son and his sons friend. They put the smack down on the sheepshead today! We caught over 30 fish in an hour!! We fishing the pass...
  9. Bent Rods & Screaming Drags Sheepshead, Redfish & Jacks!! Mega-Bite Inshore Charters

    Inshore Reports
    Bent Rods & Screaming Drags Sheepshead, Redfish & Jacks!! Mega-Bite Inshore Charters Report : April 1st - 2012 Over the past few days I’ve been out with some great clients and they’ve been bowing up on a variety of fish...
  10. March Maddness includes big sheepshead and more! -Mega-Bite Inshore Charters

    Inshore Reports
    March Madness includes big sheepshead and more! -Mega-Bite Inshore Charters The Spring Break sheepshead run is in full swing. The bite should last for around 6 –7 weeks and then we’re off to the flats for some trout & redfish action. But let’s not jump the gun; let’s talk about how awesome the...
  11. 3/14 sheepshead

    Kayaking Reports
    Got out to pickens yesterday and ended up catching 9 about an hour before dark. Most caught on live shrimp until I ran out and caught a couple on crabs.