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  1. Black Tip shark

    Various Items For Sale.
    Black Tip sharks, handmade from Sinker Cypress. 39.5" L x 18" H Stands off wall 7" $500.00
  2. Destin Bay/Surf Fishing Tips Needed

    General Discussion
    Okay! I made a post on here about a week or 2 ago, asking for advice about a new spinning rod and reel combo. I had a lot of responses, and ended up deciding to get a Penn Pursuit II 8000 10' combo. I know the Pursuit isn't as good as the Fierce or Battle, but with as little saltwater fishing I...
  3. surf shark Pensacola early June

    Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    I will be traveling down to Pensacola to visit my brother who is stationed there as a Marine the first week in June. Up in ohio i do alot of flathead fishing and do well with that. You guys have an awesome forum and I was hoping to get some advice on where to shark fish from the surf in...
  4. Perdido Vacation surf fishing

    Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    Hey folks, I'll be down in the Perdido area for the week and would like to do some surf fishing. I've got all the equipment and such just need advice on what rigs/bait to use and where to fish. In the past i have just used a double dropper rig with mustard hooks and live shrimp (fishing on...
  5. Thanks and question about shark fishing in Perdido Bay

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    Just wanted to give a big thanks for everyone who posts and shares advice on this forum. Y'all are awesome, and really helped me on last year's trip. I took my sister, her husband and their 2 kids, and my parents. We ha a blast catching the Sail cats, and my mom caught a doormat flounder (24", I...
  6. Intresting morning of 5/21

    Surf Fishing Reports
    I got out at 5:40 AM and fished until 6:00 then about a 7 foot shark came within 10 feet of the beach and was after a sting ray. Immedietly then i caught a pompano while trying to catch a shark. Later i caught a lady fish and only reeled in the head because a smaller shark ate it. I then casted...
  7. Shark Fishing PCB

    Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    Hey guys, now that I live on Pensacola beach I love to go surf fishing for shark, but lately have been having ZERO luck. Been fishing on the west side of Baywatch and Gulf Winds but east of Peg Legs. We use 11-12' rods and 500 yds of 100lb braid with bonita or mullet. We are going to try the...
  8. 7th Annual Blacktip Challenge

    Pre-Tournament Discussions
    When: January 27th - February 1st Where: Atlantic coast of Florida Top Prize: $10,000.00 for 1st Place Largest Shark Registration Link: Prize Categories: Rules: Info The...
  9. Fun battle on Navarre Beach 10/29/2014

    Surf Fishing Reports
    I hit the surf on Navarre beach again today. After I got setup I realized I left the sand flea rake in the I was lazy and went with cut ladyfish, and shrimp. Wasn't long before I had a shark hooked...on a pompano rig. After that I had a really nice fight with a redfish that was hungry...
  10. Redfish outside Bayou Chico bit in half

    General Discussion
    So we went out Sunday to watch the boat races and this Redfish floating in the water. Turned around to check it out turns out it was still alive but missing most body. Anyone know what might have did this. Maybe a shark?
  11. Got pulled overboard by a big shark

    General Discussion
    I have always wondered what I was going to do if this ever happened. Here is my story and I hope this never happens to any of you! We were filming a show targeting goliath groupers and bull sharks. Johan, the host of the fishing show (KanalGratisdotse) hooked a bonito on the bait rod. He...
  12. Monster Shark Lost - Biggest we ever hooked!

    Surf Fishing Reports
    A friend of mine dropped off a fresh cobia carcass earlier that the day. The wind was blowing from the west and I had high hopes. We hit the beach and deployed 3 baits. Within 15 minutes my rod with the cobia started bouncing. I picked the rod up and waited. Then line started burning off the...
  13. Pompano or Permit?

    Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    I was fishing with a sabiki rig off of the beach, and I hit a school of these, I cant tell if they were pompano, or permit. And ideas?
  14. Shark Fishing Charter

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm looking for a recommendation for a charter captain to take a group shark fishing. I am planning a bachelor party and can't think of a better way to kick it off then by catching one of God's most terrifying creatures! I live in Pensacola and would prefer a captain based out of...
  15. Great White off of John's Pass FL

    General Discussion
    Great White 30 miles off of John's Pass Florida. Shark was estimated at 18 ft in length.
  16. Fishing for shark in destin help

    Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    I'm going to destin may 12th for a week and want to catch some shark I have a 12' rod with a fin nor 9500 reel I will be casting my bait Any and all advice welcome what kind of line, bait, tackle, and any other advice. Also looking to set up another rod Any suggestions?
  17. Shark steals catch!!!

    General Discussion
    All I know is that I would be pissed. It is crazy how the shark came out of no where.
  18. 07.28.12 Dive Pyramids and ECUA Rubble

    3 dives off of Pensacola. At about 5:28 into the video, Steve caught a look at a shark feeding on a dead fish. Not real clear from the distance and visibility, but can anyone identify the type of shark?
  19. WTB- surf casting shark rig

    Fishing Gear For Sale
    This is my cherry-popping first forum post! I am relatively new to Pensacola and thinking about trying surf fishing for shark. I know only what I have read on forums and websites, very little experience to say the least. I am looking for something that can cast far enough to get to the sharks...
  20. first shark from a yak

    Kayak Forum
    finally caught my first shark on monday in the gulf he was a 46'' spinner shark....he ate my hardtail an then somehow ate the spoon on my king mack rig 30 braid but straightened the snap-lock and didnt break. tied him off an paddled back made it 20 yds from the beach when the...