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  1. Fat Jax 6/27/13 Report (Video and Pictures)

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    Parker and is father David returned for another fight. I think Parker grew a foot since last year.... They feed 'em good in AR!!!! ha ha anyways, we headed out in sloppy seas last week and caught several Bonita's, Kings, Snapper, Small AJ's and all that stuff... set up camp and let the Sharking...
  2. Win a trip on the Fat Jax!

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    Wanna win a FREE Shark Fishing trip on the FAT JAX? Click this link (, scroll down until you see the “FAT JAX” logo and you have to “LIKE” the post to be entered, or you can call the Radio station @ ...(850) 437-1620 every time you hear the “Jaws Theme”...
  3. chum

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    good lord, I think I made a metric ton of chum today..... I didnt realize I have been going through as much as I have been.....:whistling:

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    It getting to be my season...... See more Pics and Videos at I'll be twittering this year as well -- Follow @CaptFatJax for Live Action! (When in cell range)