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shark bait

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    Where is the best place to catch sharks in pcola bay/gulf. Went a couple times and didn’t have luck. Wanting to catch anything from 3-8ft. Anyone have any spots or tips? thanks
  2. General Discussion
    Ive wanted to catch a shark for a while now, and couple years ago I bought some stuff for it, including a Penn Senator 113H2; however I dont have a kayak, so never caught anything because I couldnt cast that rod and reel combo out far enough. I think im going to invest in a new spinning reel...
  3. Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    im still learning how to post,thank you for your patience.please can anyone tell me where i can find frozed bonita/whole,or other shark baits.i nedd them shipped,but will pay for it.thank you.any info is appreciated:thumbsup: