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  1. Offshore Reports
    We had been trying to come down the past 3 weeks and the weather finally gave us a window on sunday and monday the weekend before last. We had some new numbers to try out and they ended up being great. The first spot we hit we were able to get a limit of big triggers in under 10 minutes on...
  2. Offshore Reports
    10/23 - Went out with the wife, Wes, and the kids just to goof around and hit some public numbers for snapper... We were not disappointed. Landed 8 legal snapper with two at 28in and the others all over 20". Even released a 16" b/c we were feeling blessed! :) Hit another public spot and...
  3. Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    :) Does anyone have any info or advice on summertime fishing for beeliners and scamp? We are new to the area and looking forward to a few months of offshore fishing. Any and all info much appreciated. thanks, John
  4. Blue Water Fishing - General Q & A
    Hey my friend just got a new boat couple weeks ago, and we are wanting to go to spur to troll for wahoo, mahi, and tuna. But we don't won't to waste all that gas and only catch 2-3 fish. Im only use to catching snapper and other close in bottom fish. And never go towards the spur so what can(and...
1-4 of 4 Results