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  1. Saltwater tank Volitan Lion for trade

    Off Topic
    4 inch volitan lion fish. Rapidly out growing my 50gal FOWLR. needs to be rehomed. Looking to trade for other fish or corals
  2. Fishing crew reels in potentially record-breaking swordfish

    General Discussion
    SURFSIDE, Texas -- A group of Texas fisherman caught what may be the largest swordfish ever caught in Texas. Read More below
  3. Gulf shores pier?

    Piers and Bridges - Reports
    Does anybody know how the gulf shores pier is doing right now? I will be fishing there this weekend and I want to know what all is biting and how I should fish etc. has anyone been there recently?
  4. Kayak fishing in the ocean

    Kayak Forum
    Im kind of new to kayak fishing in the ocean. I was wondering any tips that you guys might give me for tactics and baits you use etc. what species to fish for and stuff like that. Also what kind of baits do you use to catch kingfish.
  5. From South Again Charters

    Inshore Reports
    Check out what Capt Brad King has to say at :thumbup:
  6. Shark steals catch!!!

    General Discussion
    All I know is that I would be pissed. It is crazy how the shark came out of no where.
  7. Bass Fishing tips and tricks for beginners on up.

    Fresh and Brackish - General Q & A