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  1. Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    Hey everyone. I've been surfing these forums for a week or so trying to learn a little more about surf fishing. I am a descent fresh water fisherman from AL. I have an adventure planned next month to Fort Pickens campground. We're going to ruff it in a tent. Should be a blast! I've gotten a...
  2. Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    I would like to start selling grouper/snapper rigs, and I was wondering who I could sell to, price, and where to sell them. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    This goes over how to properly tie a grouper rig. It also shows how to bait it. This rig also works for snapper and amberjack.
  4. Offshore Reports
    First offshore trip of the season for me, and man it was a good one. Me and 5 friends meet up with Capt. Jamie Grimmer down in Ft. Walton for a bachelor party / fishing trip on Thursday night. We fueled up, iced up, and baited up Friday morning and headed to the timber holes to get some bigger...
  5. Piers and Bridges - General Q & A
    So I was on the injured list for a while and got into fishing a bit, mostly on the Blackwater. I am about to resume flight school, now that I've been cleared by the doc. I plan to take my son on one last excursion, and I'm hopping it will be a really good one. I was planning on going to the...
  6. Offshore Reports
    Fish that are commonly caught close to the beach are species such as the Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel and Speckled Trout. These fish can be caught using bottom rigs, but it’s much more fun to target them with lures and light tackle. One of my favorite things to do in off season is to walk the...
1-6 of 6 Results