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  1. General Discussion
    Ok I am in need of a fishing report for bays and rivers near Pensacola and Milton. I have been having trouble finding stripers and it seems as if the sheephead are very finicky so far this year. Is this up and down weather causing a bad winter fishing season? Should I just look forward to cobia...
  2. Offshore Reports From Out Of The Area
    see video Puerto Vallarta Mexico 56th Annual Marlin and Sailfish Tournament November 12-2011.Captain Steve Torres and team Ana Maria do it again this time winning at home at the 56th annual Marlin and Sailfish Tournament with a 481 lb Black Marlin. The Ana Maria crew...
  3. Inshore Reports From Out Of The Area
    We headed out to get on some tailers and man did we ever find 'em. There were Redfish by the dozens with tails up and ready to eat.
  4. General Scuba Chat
    I got out Sunday, great water, great vis, lots of fish....why is the fishing ban expanding?!!! Here is the link: Pensacola Dive Report 7-11-10 on Vimeo
1-4 of 4 Results