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  1. Boat Repair - Questions,Answers and Suggestions
    Howdy all, I'm looking for some recommendations for a repair shop. I have an older Mercury outboard 150hp that I would like to have a few items done. I would prefer a small business owner who is honest, fair, and competitive priced. I live in the Pace/Milton area so local would be great, but...
  2. Kayak Forum
    What would be the best way to repair the crack in the nose of a yak? It looks like someone sat it up on its nose and its caved in and cracked a little. I don't think I can get in to do a plastic repair with a heatgun. Any advise?
  3. Networking Forum
    Perdido Sailor, a full service vessel restoration company, located in downtown Pensacola is hiring a full time mechanically inclined individual. 14 years in business, we provide most all services that a vessel could need. Including mechanical maintenance, shaft and strut replacement...
  4. Fresh and Brackish - General Q & A
    Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations to where I can take my Mercury 75 in for a tune up at a reasonable price? Thanks!!
  5. Networking Forum
    Give us a call or text anytime 7 days a week 850-356-4713 and we can show you how removing and backfilling your pool will save you lots of money on expensive repair and utility bills while at the same time giving your back yard a nice look.
  6. Networking Forum
    If you have erosion problems from the past weeks of heavy rain or tired of standing water on your property, contact us for your free quote on dirt delivery and tractor work. We also provide services such as lot clearing, driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool removal (
  7. Networking Forum
  8. Networking Forum
  9. Rod Building and Repair
    Hi guys, I'm Catchin Hell's kid I'm thinking of doing reel repair for a part time job and was looking for anyone that may want their reel repaired for free at-least till i get good at repairing reels :D , atm i'm mainly looking for reels that are locked up and/or collecting dust that could be...
  10. Networking Forum
    Call or text 850-356-4713 anytime 7 days a week even on holidays for your free quote. Most quotes can be given over the phone. Some of the services and materials that we can provide are clearing, debris remoaval, concrete demolition, swimming pool demolition, backfilling, concrete driveways...
  11. Boat Repair - Questions,Answers and Suggestions
    After reading all the recommendations on here for Davlor marine I asked David (by email!) to come out and do the first service on the F150 on my Sea Fox 220XT. He did and also tweaked the engine a little (something about mercury and vibration which went above my head but the results of which I...
  12. General Discussion
    I am looking for a expert that an repair a leaking Bomar Hatch. I have all the parts, but I want someone who knows what they are doing to install them. Any suggestions? Robert
  13. Networking Forum
    Call or text 850-356-4713 anytime 7 days a week for your free estimate on pool removal and backfilling.
  14. Networking Forum
    Call or text 850-356-4713 anytime 7 days a week for your free quote!
  15. Networking Forum
    Call or text 850-356-4713 for your free quote anytime 7 days a week.
  16. Boat Repair - Questions,Answers and Suggestions
    Hey, I need new axles on my trailer and some fiberglass repair on my boat. I'm looking to see if i can find a reputable place that can do it all. Recommendations?
1-16 of 18 Results