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  1. Reef and pelagic permit

    General Discussion
    Can anyone offer suggestions on getting 6 Pack REEF and PELAGIC permits for the GOM? If anyone knows of anyone that has them, has them for sale or is getting out of the business and wants to sell theirs. My phone number is 601-938-7161. Email: [email protected] I would like to get...
  2. New Artificial Reefs off Okaloosa Island

    Reefs and Wrecks
    Hey I found this cool article about two new reefs off of Okaloosa Island. See more in this article I found:
  3. FL Appropriations Subcommittee - vital info for the fishery!!

    Reefs and Wrecks
    I have a low tolerance for committee meetings....but this is the best damn speech I have ever heard at one! This is Candy Hansard of the Emerald Coast Reef Association. She has been tirelessly fighting for the fishing/diving community for years. Her main goals right now are to increase the...
  4. Fishing out of perdido pass questions

    Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    Hey all. In late May my family and a few others are taking a beach trip to gulf shores, and my buddies and I are gonna take a few days while the girls are on the beach and head offshore and try to target some AJs, trigger, and maybe some grouper. I found a brochure online that gives GPS numbers...
  5. Public reefs near Destin to try some jigging

    Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    Treated myself to a jigging combo, Saltist 35 two speed on a 6' 3" Tiger lite, for Christmas and have yet to use it. I was wondering what would be some of the best spots near Destin to go put this combo to work? Would it even be worth while to take a short trip to the destin bridge rubble...
  6. Video of Pensacola East Snorkeling Reef

    Reefs and Wrecks
    Shot this footage of the new Pensacola East Snorkeling Reef last week. It has not been down long, but it already has some life on it. It will be really cool when the tropical fish make it home....probably soon.
  7. New Freighter Video

    General Scuba Chat
    Here is some Russian Freighter Video I shot on 8-7-10 San Pablo Reef Pensacola 8-7-10 on Vimeo Enjoy!