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  1. Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    i am in Pensicola staying at the Hilton on via de luna drive. can anyone recommend where i might go to do some wading or rent a kayak. Would really just love some advice on a few spots. Here till Wendesday. anything close to here or a little driving is fine. very new to fly fishing and just...
  2. Piers and Bridges - Reports
    Got out to Sikes about 8:00pm, it was packed tight with hopeful fishermen/women. I caught a 25" red after about a 10 minute soak off cut menhaden, Carolina Rigged 5/0 circle hook on the Bridge side of the Pier about 3/4 of the way out. Saw a few other smaller slot reds, mullet, and white trout...
  3. Need A Crew? Need A Ride?
    Looking for a ride for myself and 13-year-old, well mannered son, to fish Choctawhatchee Bay or in Gulf from Destin area. Live in Niceville (Bluewater Bay). I have rods, reels for reds and trout. Will pay for gas, bait, ice, etc. Help clean boat too! :notworthy:
  4. Surf Fishing Reports
    I'm taking a one night camping trip to Johnson Beach. I've never surf fished before but am an avid freshwater and and bass fisherman. I prefer artificial but can do real bait if a necessity. I plan on stopping by the pass and using swim baits and spoons for a Red. But will do most of my fishing...
  5. Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    I'm going to do some Father's Day family fishing. I'm going to fish from shore , not sure if I'm going bayside or gulf. I will have a kayak for paddling bait out. What should I go for? Should I go to the gulf or the bay? No pier
  6. Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    Hey guys, I'm going to be in Gulf Shores next week with the family. We are staying on Little Lagoon in Lagoon Towers. I'm going to try and rent a kayak for the week and sneak out in the mornings or evenings to hopefully catch some fish. I'm normally a freshwater guy living in TX, but was...
  7. Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    I was wondering, I'm going fishing today, and possibly tomorrow at ft pickens, anybody catch any reds or mackerels recently? if so, what baits? I'm kinda new.
1-7 of 9 Results