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  1. Inshore Charter Reports
    Quick Report- Bull Reds, Pensacola Bay, Buck Tail Jigs, Fun, Fun Fun! Thanks for stopping by. John 850-341-9816
  2. Networking Forum
    December Red Fishing is in full swing. Want a fun exciting family fun fishing trip and catch a trophy redfish over 35” up to 48”. My biggest red on the boat is 48”, I’m hopping to get one of my clients on a 50” red this year. Give me a ring and we’ll get you HOOKED UP on the Mega-Bite. For...
  3. Inshore Reports
    Pensacola Inshore Sheepshead & Red Fishing Drag Screaming Fun March always comes in with high winds and this year is no exception. For the last few days, it’s been blowing 15 –20 knots with some gusts around 25 –30 knots. Sheepshead season has started in Pensacola Pass and I’ve already...
  4. Inshore Reports
    12-20-2012 Brackish water slam of sorts. Had the pleasure of meeting David, his son Andrew, and Bill from Minnesota. I originally wanted to fish the afternoon with the tides and to also let the sun come out and warm things up, but the crew had to be at the airport at 3:30pm, so we had to do a...
  5. Inshore Reports
    Pre Springtime Inshore Slam on Blackwater. Went out yesterday with a buddy of mine to do a little scouting and to see what we could hook up. Checked the tides for Blackwater and decided to hit the water at 7am. It turned out to be perfect conditions for a morning fishing trip. Started out...
  6. Inshore Reports
    Where did they go??? Just kidding! Had the pleasure of fishing with David and Taylor from Atlanta, GA. We had a great trip afer the fog lifted. We crushed the slot reds in the pass while the tide was moving then moved to some slack tide bay snapper. We did look for the bulls but in the 4hrs we...
1-6 of 7 Results