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  1. Piers and Bridges - Reports
    Four dozen shrimp..for dozen shrimp and ran out very quick. The bite was on hard but was using extremely large circle hooks trying to catch the big one. I did catch and manage a 30-inch red, but do you know if you're going to get caught it will be with that fish in the truck. What does a 3 pole...
  2. Kayaking Reports
    Launched just after sunset to do my first dock light trip for this year and see how the bite is now that it's warming up. Caught 2 reds: 29" and 30.5" and 2 specks 13" and 17.5". Lost a few more specks in that range as well. All fish caught on live shrimp under popping cork. Tried throwing dark...
  3. Kayaking Reports
    Launched with H-MANEOD around 0745 from White Point and headed south along the bridge. Hit a couple pilings halfway out and pulled up some sheepshead then pushed to the channel. At the channel I had the first hook up with a black drum on live shrimp. As I landed it my second rod with a live...
  4. Kayaking Reports
    18 Feb - Launched around 0930 and headed south working pilings towards the channel. Landed a total of 10 sheepshead from 14" to 20", a 27" black drum, and 4 or 5 undersize grey snapper. 20 Feb - Launched with H-MANEOD at sun-up from White Point and worked our way out the channel. The wind and...
  5. Kayaking Reports
    Launched about 415pm off white point with my anchor and ready to battle the wind. Using light gear at first (quantum pti20 and 12lb test w/no leader) got broken off by some decent fish around pilings at the midbay. Finally finesse two tourney winner slots, a 26" and 26.5" up. Released one and...
  6. Kayaking Reports
    Went to ICW at Point Washington & caught the most fish the whole summer 2 weeks ago! Here's the video link. Enjoy!
  7. Kayaking Reports
    Taking advantage of some leave days and my wife and I went to Rocky Bayou for some paddling. Figured it'd be a good place with smaller beginner friendly fish and my goal was to try getting her first kayak fish. Had a blast in the couple hours we were out. SW winds 5-10, not too choppy. Bait...
  8. Inshore Reports
    The redfish are starting to heat up throughout the bay. I caught this one Sunday night off a dock light. The wind was about 20-25mph and it was extremely choppy. I stayed for about 30 minutes and caught this monster the first 5 minutes and a couple trout after. I hooked up with another big red...
  9. Fly Fishing
    I was wondering if anyone had any tips on some good places to fly fish around the Pensacola area? I have fished a bunch around the mouth the Escambia River and around the Pace Bridge, but not on fly yet. I usually fly fish a lot of lakes and ponds but wanted to try and go for some reds and...
  10. Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    I just purchased a shimano stradic 3000. Anyone have any recommendations for a good rod to pair it with? I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks
  11. Inshore Reports
    Me and my buddy did a little wading by the CGS in Destin from 2 to 6:30 and got a few. Weak outgoing tide. Bunch of Bluefish, Skippies, a Spanish (pic), a slot red (pic) and a rat. Great day and a beautiful sunset. The blues had our lines tight all day. :D
1-11 of 11 Results