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  1. Piers and Bridges - Reports
    PRODUCING HUGE FISH! Subscribe for more fishing content!
  2. Out Of Area
    The weather out in Venice, LA has been inconsistent, but the fishing is still great on our days out when the weather is in our favor. Our Red Snapper bite is on fire. The bigger snapper are mostly caught on live Menhadden and Herring. Sometimes they will come off of dead bait as well. Most...
  3. Offshore Reports
    The snapper bite in Apalachicola is pretty good but you have to get through all of the sand sharks to catch them. It didn't seem to matter what wreck we fished there were sharks at all of them. The Grey Snapper were swimming with the sharks at the surface so I was able to free line those with...
  4. Offshore Reports
    Be sure to watch the video if you want to see the trigger fish and Red snapper! We went about 15 miles out of Pensacola pass and anchored on top of an old spot of ours that was a sunken shrimp boat. We ended up catching our limit in Red Snapper, 11 Mingo Snapper, and a nice amount of...
  5. Various Items For Sale.
    A take on the Gadsden Flag, this design lets the common fisherman show their stance on the Federal Government's mismanagement and "fuzzy math" regulations on our beloved Red Snapper. Order here:
  6. Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    does anyone have shareable snapper spots in the Gulf Shores / Perdido area?
  7. Need A Crew? Need A Ride?
    You can pm me or my phone is 580-239-9108 im in milton fl. I can go weekdays or weekends thanks chris
  8. Kayak Forum
    Hi guys, i have been kayaking for a while now and feel super comfortable in my heritage angler 12. I have been on a mission to try and catch every type of fish i can, and recently one of me kayak buddys pulled up the topic red snapper. Belive it of not im only 15 years old and cant go to 3 barge...
  9. Offshore Reports
    Days like today are what get me up at 0400 every morning! I was lucky enough to be joined once again today by Fishin Chix royalty for a Red Snapper trip! Hallie, Carol and Deb met me at Shoreline at 0630 and away we went! We made our short 6 mile run into the Gulf and like it was scripted...
1-11 of 11 Results