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  1. Real Estate

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    Please go to my FB page and share around. I'd really appreciate it. New listing of 8 acres on the west side off Bauer Rd. Some other nice listing can be found...
  2. Looking for a few home buyers!!!

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    Check out these properties! More information can be found here... Please like my page @ Take advantage of the interest rates.... who knows what they will be next spring.... I don't...
  3. Why is there public housing in East Hill?

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    I was going to buy a house, then found out Gonzalez Ct. Public Housing was only a block away. Bummer because I loved the house. I haven't been in Pensacola for that long, so maybe y'all know why they decided to put public housing there? I think it would be smart to put it near an industrial...
  4. Will we get a bad flood again?

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    Hello, I moved to Pensacola a little while ago. Fell in love with it, and found a house I want to live in. The owner says that a room had water come up from the foundation due to the elevated water table in April 2014. My house didn't flood, and I know a lot of other people who also didn't...

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    A shameless plug for the one I love :). Subscribe to the blog of the newest Realtor on Perdido Key @ to receive alerts on fun facts, area events, and all sorts of stuff related to Perdido Key. Thanks to all you fellow fishermen.