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  1. VHF Radio Channels

    General Discussion
    I'm new to the area and looking for info on VHF radio channels that everyone uses out here in Pensacola in the bay and out offshore. If anyone has a list, it would be greatly appreciated. I already know about 16 and supposed automated radio checks on 26 and 27. But what else should I monitor?
  2. CB radio help

    Off Topic
    Just got a cb radio for christmas and put it in but now I need help tuning the antenna and figuring out why my mic wont work for the cb or pa system. Does anybody know a local place I can take it?
  3. Ham Radio: IC-718 100W HF Transceiver

    Various Items For Sale.
    ICOM-718 HF Transceiver. Great radio for beginners or hams on a tight budget. I'm looking to upgrade. I bought the radio new 2-3 years ago.