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  1. DualFin Planer Boards

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    My son is a stay at home dad and trying to get by making DualFin Planers when he has time but sales are slow and Christmas is coming soon. I invented them but he makes them and we together decided to lower the price to see if we can get the business going. DualFins can come in very handy for...
  2. NEW - Prowler Planer Boards 3" long with directional control

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    Two Prowler Planers $19.95 free shipping in US. They are 3" long, weight 0.6 ounces, castable, designed for slow to moderate currents and trolling speeds. They can be set to go only left or only go right or flip direction when given a little pop. Prowlers can be quickly installed in fixed...
  3. My mini planer board hobby

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    Designing planer boards is a hobby I am hooked on and wanted to share my ideas and developments. Anyhow, I'm testing wings and tails on small custom molded foam planer boards. I had the foam bodies molded in China in 4 sizes. I am drilling the hole and cutting the slot and inserting...
  4. BulletBobber User Updates

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    Here are the latest updates for using BulletBobbers I fished the entire area inside the outlined area by using the fast current shown by the cross hatched area. Flip the lever so you can reel out line as fast as needed to work it across the fast currents and keeping it from diving. If it goes...