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  1. Inshore Charter Reports
    Inshore Slam in the Upper Bays Today’s inshore trip was a good one; we caught 5 reds, they were 16’to 18”, none real big. We did see three big redfish tails sticking out of the water, but we couldn’t get them to eat. I was a little bummed, because they looked like bigger fish, but we made the...
  2. Inshore Charter Reports
    Little bit slower today but the Guys and I got it done! Joe and his boys joined me today for a Sheepsheaf trip, things started out a little bit slow today but we managed to stay positive and picked a really nice box of fish! We even managed a few huge fish, we had one Sheepie over 7lbs and one...
  3. Inshore Reports
    Fished out of Perdido Key this morning with the a great group of folks from central Alabama. Caught a net full of mullet at the dock and headed to the pass. Similar results from the last few weeks we caught a pile of redfish and a nice flounder. All fish caught on live bait drifting the pass. We...
1-3 of 3 Results