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  1. Redfish O'Plenty - Mega-Bite Inshore Charters

    Inshore Charter Reports
    November is in the books. It started out very warm and then it went to crazy windy conditions. The first two weeks were tough, but the last two weeks were off the chain. More big bull reds then we could count some days. No exaggeration here; it was very good fishing. We finally had a few...
  2. South Again Charters / 10 June 2013

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Rain, sleet, hail or snow.... Hallie wasn't gonna let me say no!! Today I was joined by a good client and great Friend Hallie. She had plans of trying to place a fish in the Pensacola Beach Marina Snapper tourney. With big seas and local storms we decided to stay in the Bay and hope to find a...
  3. South Again Charters / 1 April 2013

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Another great trip with the Copperstone Men! The sheepshead are still sooperating and the Redfish are making a showing as well. We are catching the fish really well in the deeper water right now and it doesn't seem to matter what bait you use! Thank you to Joe, Nick and Andrew for spending 3...
  4. South Again Charters / 22 March 2013

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Holy cow it's WINDY!! Today the Brown Family and I planned a 6 hour trip together. Forecast looked a little breezy but nothing we couldn't handle! Man was I wrong, once we made it to the Pass from Galvez landing it was blowing a sustained 20 mph and the bay was upside down! Trying to salvage a...
  5. South Again Charters / 19 March 2013

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Another wonderful Spring fishing trip! Today I was joined bu the Mason Men from Arkansas for a 6 hour trip. We had a great day catching Sheepshead, Black Sea Bass and Red Snapper and had a few kicker Bull Reds thrown in for good measure. The biggest of the Bulls topped the scales at 23 lbs and...
  6. South Again Charters / 16 March 2013

    Inshore Reports
    Spring time is here! Today me and they Guys headed out for a quick 4 hour trip! We started out trying fish Sheepshead but all the regular spots were not doing to well so we switched in to Red Fish mode. We landed around 15-20 Bull reds and even managed to find 3 slot fish! After playing with...
  7. South Again Charters / 17 March 2012

    Inshore Reports
    Extra special day today! With no clients on the books I was able to spend the day on the water with my Family. My Father, Sister and wonderful GF Dawna headed out of Shoreline at around 0730. We quickly began boating really nice Sheepshead for a solid 3 hours. With the box full and the fog...