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  1. South Again Charters / 25 November 2012

    Inshore Reports
    The weather today was perfect and the fish seemed to think so as well! We managed to catch a dozen or so Redfish today. We caught them on docks and flats. We caught them drifting the Pass and we found a few large schools and were able to sight fish a few~! Another great day of Fall Redfishing...
  2. South Again Charters / 21 November 2012 Afternoon trip

    Inshore Reports
    Sorry I ran out of time and didn't get this post up yesterday. After my morning trip my Family met me at Shoreline Park and we headed towards the bay for a quick little 3 hour Bull Red trip. We managed to catch a half dozen or so fairly quickly before heading back home to prepare for...
  3. South Again Charters / 21 November 2012

    Inshore Reports
    Another wonderful day on the water! I was joined by the Hall Family today, we started the morning out chasing schooling Bull reds and had no problem finding them. The fish were a little slow first off but seemed to get better as the water warmed up. We were throwing very light tackle with...
  4. South Again Charters / 14 Nov 2012

    Inshore Reports
    This has got to be my favorite time of the year to fish! The Bull Reds are going off right now! The entire Bay yesterday was covered in gigantic wads of schooling Reds! We used the old run and gun technique to score on countless reds yesterday afternoon on a quick 4 hour trip. We were using...
  5. South Again Charters / 25 October 2012

    Inshore Reports
    The bite was not nearly as good today as it has been the earlier part of the week!! The Kings did not cooperate with me and although the Spanish were still very thick we seemed to struggle with them today. We did manage a few Bull Reds on light tackle and some Bruiser Bay red Snapper. Weather...
  6. South Again Charter / November 7th and 8th

    Inshore Reports
    After a few cancellations due to the high winds I was finally able to get out on the water. Jim, Gary and Brent joined for two days of Bull Red fishing. To say the bite was hot would be an understatement! Both days started with a nice run from Galvez landing to my favorite Flounder hole. The...
  7. South Again Charters / 6 & 7 October 2011

    Inshore Reports
    What a perfect week for fishing!!! Well, that is if you like 20 -25 mph winds howling out of the East for an entire week. I was able to squeeze two trips in this week even with stiff winds. The plan was to look for the few places around Santa Rosa Sound that I knew I could hide and hope to catch...