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  1. Inshore Charter Reports
    Went out Monday 16th of November it was windy but it didn't bother the Redfish from feeding. It took a little while to located them with the wind making it difficult. When we did it was on. Double, triple and even quad hookups. After a while we went for some Sheepshead and we ended up...
  2. Inshore Charter Reports
    WHAT A DAY!!! Today I was joined on a quick 4 hour trip with the Rotert Men. We waited til Noon to launch so the winds could lay a bit. We started out trying to land a few slot reds... We managed one slot and a nice Mangrove Snapper before a good Friend called and let me know the Bull Reds were...
  3. Inshore Charter Reports
    Due to high seas and high winds we were unable to make it out in the Gulf today. We decided to fish for 4 hours and see what we could come up with anyway. A nice limit of BAy Snapper and a few nice kickers made the Allen Group very happy this morning! Thanks George and Bev for hiring me again...
1-3 of 3 Results