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  1. Where have the fish gone?!

    General Discussion
    Newbie with some quesions. Where have the fish gone in Pensacola pass? I started spearing/fishing around the area September 2013 -November 2013 and there were plenty fish on beach and pass area. I recently went diving a few times and there were no fish to be found and nothing biting. The water...
  2. Trolling diamond jigs just outside Pensacola Pass

    Offshore Reports
    Went out pass doing sea trials on a friends boat. Decided to slow troll a diamond jig and a little blue minow out to the Mass and back over to buoys and then back thru the pass. Pickedup 3 bobos and 4 spanish. Picture is of Ray with his first catch on his new ride.
  3. Destin pass open?

    General Discussion
    I'm hoping to get out fishing this weekend. Last I heard Destin pass was being closed with booms on incoming tides but that was a few weeks ago. Does anyone know if it's being closed at all now? Is there a good source of info on Destin pass status out there? Thanks.